Many rivers, ONE ocean


The streams that have shaped and molded me into who I am today are many and through each of these experiences I have been called to dive deeper with a courageous heart wide open, ever expanding beyond lack, limitation and fear. Carried by the mysterious currents of life I surrender and find an inner peace resting within my essential self. 


I am so grateful to my teachers and guides seen and unseen who have graced me with their presence and given me tools to understand and express myself in this ever-changing landscape called life. 


Everything in life is VIBRATION


Music in some shape or form has always captured my attention and flowed through me. I wrote my first rap song in 4th grade and got my first electric guitar around the same time. The dream of having a band and touring the world kept me up at night with my friends jamming and writing songs.


When I was 13, Earth Guardians was born out of our family’s calling to make a difference and have a positive impact on the world. We used message-driven music to educate, uplift and inspire action on behalf of our planet and all life. The highlight at this time was the Children's Torch of Hope Tour in 1995, where we performed and spoke at over 50 events in 29 states. More then 20 years later Earth Guardians is still going strong with over 2000 members from all over the world. 


In 2005, I organized and spearheaded the Voice of Youth Tour. Traveling to India and New Zealand, my band Rapsody performed concerts and gave workshops focused on youth empowerment through creative expression. That year I released my first album, People Rise. Throughout my journey as a musician, the core of my inspiration remains the same, recognizing how music can raise awareness, open the heart, and connect people across race, religion, language and other social barriers. 


Embodied Artist


Parallel to my journey with music has been my passion and need for movement and embodied expression. 


When I was 14, I stumbled on the complex and awe-inspiring art of Capoeira and my amazing teacher, Mestre Cafu. Mestre Cafu is a walking, breathing embodiment of Capoeira and has dedicated his life to teaching and preserving Afro-Brazilian culture.  Of the many things that he taught me is the importance of building a strong foundation on which your capoeira can develop and flourish. He often said “Don’t build your house on sand” focus on your base, your ground, the foundation from which you can fly.


Over the past 25 years, Capoeira has helped me grow in so many ways as a student and teacher. It has been a constant opportunity for me to face my fears and jump into the Roda (circle where Capoeira is practiced and mastered) trusting my instincts, finding flow and balance and experiencing the dance/fight/game of life. 


“Capoeira is like life when the rhythm changes so must the way you play”.  - Mestre Cafu 


Another major influence and aspect of my personal and creative development has been with my dear friend and mentor, Melissa Michaels.  Melissa’s work and passion is rooted in the arts of body, heart, and soul.  Her international organization, Golden Bridge is dedicated to our collective renewal through the liberation of the creative spirit. Working with Melissa for over 20 years as an apprentice, and attending her Surfing the Creative program has helped me build a strong understanding and experience of who I am as a creative, spiritual, and embodied being.  It's been an honor to play music for many for her events and be one of the musicians on the IGNITE cd.


I am eternally grateful to Melissa and the incredible team and family that has grown around her work and loving devotion. 


The Poetic Body


A major step in my path as an actor was attending an MFA program at Naropa University. This two-year Lecoq based actor-created theater program changed my life and view of acting, theater creation, and artistic expression. I was so inspired by this work that I later attended an intensive teacher training based in the same pedagogy led by Giovanni Fusetti. From this training, I was invited to teach and assist classes at Helikos International School of Theater Creation in Florence, Italy.


Throughout the past 15 years, I have worked on and off stage, acting in many theater productions, three feature films, directing an award-winning show, teaching acting for stage, television and film and leading workshops in physical theater, stage combat, and live performance.  


Music and movement are sacred medicine on my path of healing, transformation and the realization of my essential self.